Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

In the modern business environment, all facilities and organizations face a certain level of risk associated with threats from natural events, accidents, or intentional acts to damage critical infrastructure, including international cyber terrorism. Regardless of the nature of the threat, BRC International can help companies to limit and manage these risks. We conduct detailed threat and vulnerability assessments for both physical and cyber security.

BRC International serves some of the most critical and essential government bodies and municipalities including airports, seaports, and law enforcement agencies–and we know how to make your property and place of business a completely secure environment with the latest in on-location security tactics and training.

Cyber Security At Its Finest

Because of the growing volume and sophistication in cyber attacks, we make it a top priority to protect your sensitive records and infrastructure from unintended or unauthorized access, and significant or destructive network changes.

Using the latest trends in network security, BRC International can protect your organization’s communication-critical network as well as any important assets by providing you detailed strategies for mitigating risks, bolstering potential weaknesses, and eliminating susceptibility to threats.