Cloud Architecture

Advanced Technologies

BRCI has the knowledge needed to get your business or organization up to speed in today’s technological capability. Our team’s experience in cloud-based infrastructure consulting allows BRCI to assess and provide custom solutions in virtual architectures. Technological innovations in these areas can impact an organization’s efficiency in any number of ways, so it’s important to ensure you are using the best practices and employing IT experts when revising or implementing your organization’s exchange of information.

Our IT consultants can add flexibility, reliability and scale to your network with hybrid or pure cloud communications solutions. These could include turning your control center into a dynamic, IP-based environment or implementing unified communications across multiple devices and media types. Cloud infrastructures can support expanded data centers, and could even change the way you do operate on a day-to-day basis.

Modernize Your Network

Looking to modernize or improve your organization’s network? Our IT consultants can design cloud-based infrastructures to protect your company’s assets using the latest in network security technology.

Our efficient solutions will render network monitoring totally visible so issues can be identified and resolved quickly, and our structured start-to-finish cabling approach greatly reduces potential downtime caused by human error. We use wireless and DAS-best-in-class wireless systems for high-density and multi-frequency wireless solutions. Our IT consultants can assess your infrastructure needs and customize a solution that’s great for your bottom line while improving speed and security overall.

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